Ex-police officers in alternative professions

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Date: Wednesday,5th March 2014 03:58 AM
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Former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Rabindra Pratap Shah, who retired just one and half years ago after serving for 30 years with Nepal Police, is now a Constituent Assembly (CA) member representing the UCPN (Maoist) party.  

Dhruba Bahadur Pradhan, who retired around 17 years ago as IGP, is also not just a former IGP now. He is a leader of Rastriya Prajatantra Party and president of the Nepal Olympic Committee (NOC). Moti Lal Bohara who was IGP from 1992 to 1996 is involved with Maalika Development Bank in Dhangadi. Former IGP Ramesh Chandra Thakuri, who was sacked on charge of corruption two years ago, is affiliated with Shivam Cement while former IGP of the Armed Police Force (APF) Sanat Kumar Basnet is now known as a promoter of private college. Not just former IGPs but even former AIG Rajendra Bahadur Singh and former DIG Bhuwan Chand Bhatta now work in administration of Norvic Hospital. Former AIG Govinda Bahadur Thapa is now associated with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Asia Foundation. Another AIG Keshav Baral is now a Commissioner with the Commission for Investigation of Abuse fo Authority (CIAA).  

Former DIG of APF Mahendar Bhattachan is associated with Ncell while another former AIG Ramesh Shrestha is involved in import/export as a partner in one Rado Enterprises. Former AIG Rohit Thapa is involed in the business of casino that is always controversial. Former DIG Bharat GC is promoter of Hello Nepal while another former AIG Krishna Basnet is a promoter of Vayodha Hospital. Former SSP Basanta Kunwar runs Narconon Nepal opened against narcotic drugs.

These are just a few examples of how the retired top police fofficials are spending their life. The officers who have worked for a long time with security agencies are now spending their retired life running businesses/industries, banks and financial institutions, and as politician and consultant with nongovernmental organizations (NGO). They have been earning fat sums in these jobs.

Many former officers are now looking for jobs. Nava Raj Dhakal, who retired just three months back as AIG, calls nvolvement of former security officers in alternative professions normal. “Our skills/competence and capacity are same even when we retire from service. We have to retire due to government provision after serving for 30 years even when we are physically and mentally capable to work. Factories/businesses and NGOs are reaping benefits of that provision,” he adds. He states that the retired officers are ready to work selflessly for the national interest if the government deemed necessary.

Former AIG Kalyan Timalsina, who is administrator with online portal muldharnews.com, states that he has been associated with the media to remain active in the retired life. He, however, warns that the officers who have retired from sensitive service like security have to be careful while taking other responsibilities after retirement. There is always the risk of abuse of their influence as former top security officers while operating businesses/industries, and working with NGOs and other bodies. They can use their influence if the organizations they are working violate laws. They face the challenge of working without being involved in such activities.          
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