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PTA with India

Hydropower is the sector where patriotism is at its dizziest height in Nepal. News of development of big hydropower projects and marketization of electricity generated through them always lead to patriotic rhetoric. Nepal has not been able to generate even enough electricity to meet domestic demand despite establishing Farping Hydropower…

Protection of domestic industries

Competitive capability of Nepali industries is really weak. Competitive capability of Nepali industries is weak not just due to smaller installed capacity owing to small market but also due to different other reasons in production process. Long hours of load-shedding even during the monsoon, voltage fluctuations, lack of requisite industrial…

Organic alternative for pesticides

Consumers now feel not just vegetables and fruits but even food grains tasteless in comparison to the past due to excessive use of chemical pesticides. The period for which those vegetables and fruits can be stored is also getting shorter. Excessive use of pesticides is also putting health of the…

Direction of monetary policy

Fiscal policy and monetary policy together are expected to inject pace into a country’s economy. When the government adopts expansionary fiscal policy, the central bank issues a strict monetary policy to control the inflationary pressure. The government has already presented a massive budget of Rs 618 billion and that is…

Necessary intervention against Chure abuse

The government has banned export of stones and pebbles effective from Thursday. This decision is set to have long-term ramifications for internal income to management of natural resources and means. Though this may first affect internal income of 36 districts in the Chure region, it will also discourage the practice…
Hope from private sector for solar energy

Solar energy will now be procured from private solar plants through competitive bidding as budget was not allocated for procurement of solar plants as per the plan of Energy Ministry.

Individuals making hay with property of railway

Everything from four stations of Nepal Railway in Bara district has been stolen while the locals have taken the buildings under control and have been using them.

Negligence in Tanahu project

Continuous negligence in appointment of consultant is set to once again push back 140-MW Tanahu reservoir-based hydropower project.

Construction of Upper Modi A from 2017

Korea Water Resource Corporation (K-Water) has submitted a working plan of completing Upper Modi A Hydropower Project in 2020, four years after start of construction in 2017.

Construction of railway uncertain due to CNP dispute

Expansion of the East-West electric railway faces uncertainty with the Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation opposing the proposal of Railway Department to take the railway from near the Chitwan National…