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Expectations from Modi's visit and Nepal's preparation

There are already big expectations from Nepal visit of Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi who has already established himself as a pro-development leader in India by changing the traditional thinking in South Asian politics. Talks about Modi’s visit gathered pace after visit of Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj…

Rise in tourism income

There is no denying the fact that tourism sector has been contributing in increasing the national income. Though Nepal was opened for foreign tourists in the 1950s, the hippies who visited Nepal in the 60s and 70s made Nepal famous. Though Nepali tourism sector has taken a huge leap from…

Signs of improvement in HDI

We always start debate from a negative point while talking about development in Nepal. Our thinking is so predominantly negative that we cannot even accept positive achievements in the right manner. Nepal suffered a decade-long armed conflict and has been in political transition for eight years after that. New physical…

Relevance of climate research center

Nepal got formally acquainted with modern science after Trichandra College started to offer science course for the certificate level 95 years ago. But scientific study/research needed to convert this acquaintance into productivity started 54 years later. The government established institutes for study of medicine, engineering, forestry, agriculture and veterinary science…

PTA with India

Hydropower is the sector where patriotism is at its dizziest height in Nepal. News of development of big hydropower projects and marketization of electricity generated through them always lead to patriotic rhetoric. Nepal has not been able to generate even enough electricity to meet domestic demand despite establishing Farping Hydropower…
India to import energy generated by GMR, Sutlej

Two Indian companies preparing to construct three big projects in Nepal have been given assurance by the Indian government that electricity generated by them will be imported at a time when there…

Delay of four months in import of transformers

Import of transformers will be delayed by another four months due to the procedural delays in production, testing and supply.

PPA of seven projects approved

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has approved power purchase agreements (PPA) with promoters of seven hydropower projects with combined installed capacity of 62 MW.

Hope from private sector for solar energy

Solar energy will now be procured from private solar plants through competitive bidding as budget was not allocated for procurement of solar plants as per the plan of Energy Ministry.

Individuals making hay with property of railway

Everything from four stations of Nepal Railway in Bara district has been stolen while the locals have taken the buildings under control and have been using them.