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Constitution and development

Seeing the present activities of the Constituent Assembly (CA) people fear whether the political parties, who promised to bring new constitution within a year in the election manifesto, will even begin to start drafting it in a year. It is natural for the people to be skeptic of leaders, who…

IFC investment in electricity

The state of hydroelectricity development in Nepal is very weak. Only 756 MW has been added to the national grid in 100 years of hydropower development and 21 years of entry of private sector while the current peak demand has already reached 100 MW. National transmission line has touched 59…

Well-managed development of Valley

Kathmandu Valley is a very ancient city. The Valley settled by Kirat dynasty has been capital of the country after king Prithvi Narayan Shah unified Nepal. Urbanization of the Valley is believed to have started during the Rana regime with construction of huge palaces in British model and stone-paved roads…

High level development task force

The country has yet to take a leap in infrastructure development in over 57 years of planned development. We still lack roads, hydroelectricity, irrigation, drinking water, airports and other infrastructures even though we are into the 13th plan (three-year). The government had declared 21 development projects including roads, hydropower projects,…

Focus on economi stability

Nepal achieved a very sluggish economic growth rate in the past one and half decade. Development was totally affected due to the armed Maoist insurgency that started from mid 90s and peaked at the turn of the century, intervention of the then king Gyanendra on politics by dissolving the parliament…
2.72 m passengers use Sajha in 11 months

 A total of 2.72 million passengers have travelled with Sajha Yatayat, that resumed service with new buses, in 11 months. It has earned Rs 39.80 million in the period.

Exim to take back loan if Trishuli 3 A is delayed

Investor Export Import Bank (Exim) of China will take back loans if the under-construction Upper Trishuli 3 A is not completed within two years.

Problems galore in loan mobilization of LDF

Repayment period of loan investment of billions of rupees by the government in communities through the Local Development Fund (LDF) in the majority of district development committees (DDC) has expired.

Mistrikhola pushed back by 1.5 years

Mistrikhola Hydropower Project (42 MW) being constructed by Robust Energy has been pushed back by one and half years due to the delay in construction of transmission line in the Kali Gandaki…

Upgradation of TIA 'impossible'

Government officials have concluded that the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) cannot be upgraded as all possibilities of its expansion have been exhausted.