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Additional challenges for NAC with new planes

The Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), that had direct flights to many European and Asian cities at some time, has been reeling due to many scams of rented planes and dozens of irregularities. The NAC now has weak presence in sectors like New Delhi, Hong Kong, Middle East and others where…

Transit of gold smuggling

Gold was used as the main medium of exchange even before the concept of money was started. The practice has somewhat fallen after the US dollar started to be accepted as the universal money but gold still dominates the global commodity market. Our neighbors, China and India, are the biggest…

Unfair petroleum price

Nepal is a petroleum importing country that has to import all the necessary petroleum products. It imports refined products and not crude oil even though our South Asian neighbor Bangladesh imports crude oil and refines that. There are a few difficulties in importing crude oil and refining that.

Enthusiasm for paid-up capital of Rs 5 b

Investment capacity of banks and financial institutions rise if they become strong. Good governance and other technical issues also determine strength of financial institutions but the main determinant is capital. Financial institutions cannot expand their capacity and their contribution toward the national income will also be negligible without adequate capital.

Commitment for sixth year

Nepal has been currently going through transitional phase. Neither politics nor the economy is in a good state in such situation. Public expectations are always high after political change even as the state of good-governance is poor while corruption is on a high. Investors generally do not want to invest…
Cost of Upper Trishuli-1 again rises by Rs 4 b

Promoter of the proposed 216 MW Upper Trishuli-1 Hydropower Project Nepal Water Development Company has again raised per-MW cost of the project to Rs 275 million which is almost double the cost…

Same PPA rate for up to 100 MW

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) will do power purchase agreement (PPA) with projects of installed capacity up to 100 MW at a single flat rate bringing a new PPA policy.

Rs 10 b Trade Facilitation Project gathers pace

Work of the Rs 10 billion Nepal-India Regional Trade and Transportation Project under the Multimodal Transit and Trade Facilitation Project funded by the World Bank (WB) has been started.

Bhotekoshi ready to provide 5% shares to locals

The 45 MW Upper Bhotekoshi Project, that has been shut down for four months with local leaders of political parties stopping erection of towers demanding 35 percent of shares, has agreed to…

Cable car in Pathibhara, Swargadwari

The government has moved the process for construction of cable car networks at Pathibhara of Taplejung and Swargadwari of Pyuthan.

Comet lander ends up in cliff shadow

Europe's comet lander Philae has come to rest in the shadow of a cliff, posing a potential problem for its solar panels, scientists said Thursday as they published the first image ever…