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Control of hawala

Foreign employment that was compulsion for the youths in the midst of the armed conflict has now become choice of the youths and compulsion for the economy. A total of 500,000 individuals took work permit for foreign employment in the fiscal year 2070/71, according to the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).…

Restructuring of NPC

The National Planning Commission (NPC) finally will not publish the book for district-wise development projects (Red Book Part II). The NPC established in 1956 is the major center for formulation of economic plan but unfortunately its role has been limited merely to determining priority of development projects included in the…

Reform in NEA along with tariff hike

The Electricity Tariff Fixation Commission (ETFC) has again raised tariff by 13.7 percent effective from September 17 at a time when the general public has been suffering from lack of reliable and adequate energy. The ETFC had raised tariff by 20 percent only two years ago, but it has once…

Resolve dispute in FNCCI

The government has been accepting the private sector as the pillar of economy after the Eighth Plan. The private sector could not flourish much during the Panchayat regime even though the history of chamber movement in Nepal is over six decades old. The role of organizations like the Nepal Chamber…

Competition in transportation

Transportation of goods plays an important role in the economy as it plays a role in supply of raw materials to manufactured goods, and is also related to every aspect of construction industry. Problem in transportation of goods results in serious impact in the market as can be seen from…
Electricity tariff to rise by up to 17 percent

The Electricity Tariff Fixation Commission (ETFC) has prepared to raise tariff by up to 17 percent on an average on the basis of consumption.

Nalsing Gad selects blacklisted companies

Nalsing Gad Hydropower Project Development Committee has selected two foreign companies blacklisted by the World Bank (WB) to take part in the bidding process for detailed engineering design for the project.

Nepal, India agree on PTA

Nepal and India have signed on a preliminary power trade agreement (PTA) after efforts over a long time.

Melamchi unlikely to be completed by April, 2016

The government’s plan to bring water from Melamchi to Kathmandu Valley by April, 2016 looks unlikely to be fulfilled with progress of the project, that is expected to quench thirst of the…

PDA dialogue stalled in lack of approval of budget

The project development agreement (PDA) dialogue with GMR Energy Limited of India for Upper Karnali project has been stalled as the budget has not been approved in time.